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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh! My Dirty Malayali Friends

Sayujya Shanker 
II MA English

dirty It probably need not be stated (owing to the very title) that I have a lot of Malayalee friends. And by a lot, I mean that my whole life at UoH (almost) has been surrounded, influenced and affected by these vrithi ketta thendis (after all, they were the ones who taught me the language. I might as well use it! Just to impress them...) I came here not knowing a bit of Malayalam. And then there were my classmates!! I was surrounded by a continuous downpour/outpour of this beautiful language (and I am not sarcastic here). But I did not understand it. So I was left a little out of the loop.
However, after a lot of promise, a Malayalam movie (named Manichitrathazhu- which I accept is most definitely better than the Tamil remake), careful listening, a failed attempt at learning the script and spending my days 24X7 with them, I have finally managed to comprehend the easier parts of their conversations, and have proceeded to make a fool of myself attempting to sing their songs, and speak their language.
On the other hand, this lovely bunch of people has also managed to convert me into a partial Keralite: what with the Onam celebrations, and the constant teachings, and the patient listening and correction of my attempts at conversation. Whether I got their Malayalam or not, I got their ‘joks’ (for jokes) and their ‘parrticularrly miserabul’ (I cannot find the appropriate pronunciation in the English script, but I’m sure you know what I mean, and a stress on the ‘r’ for the first word) pronunciations. So, there you go, all my ‘lowley’ friends, you can boast of a partial convert amidst your crowd!
Thank You!!!

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  1. Taking into account the fate of the past "partial converts", my only suggestion 2 u is "Be careful":D(NB-No further comments or clarifications are encouraged in this:P)!!